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Executive Summary

The City of Gahanna is taking an aggressive approach in shaping its economic future.  The City partnered with industry experts to create a plan that will direct its economic development efforts for the next five years.  This strategy provides thought-provoking insights into Gahanna residents, businesses and its local economy to download full document. 

Click here to download full document. (Note: This file is 162MB. Download speeds may vary.)


The purpose of this Strategy is to identify the community’s economic potential to attract and retain high quality businesses and development in the City.  This strategy is intended to serve as a guide for policymakers, community’s stakeholders, local businesses, and future investors. Learn More >

Existing Conditions

A combination of resources, ranging from American Community Surveys to specific Federal level web tools, was used to conduct an in-depth analysis of economic, social and demographic data for Gahanna. The findings were bench-marked with a combination of Central Ohio communities and other US Markets.  In order to understand the regional influence, certain data points were also bench-marked.  Lastly, American Community Survey Data was used to evaluate certain business characteristics of Gahanna compared to nearby Ohio communities with a population of over 10,000. Learn More >

Market Analysis

This component of the report identifies the 10-year market potential for office, industrial, lodgings & conference space, and residential development in Gahanna, Ohio.  A comparison of the Effective Market Area (EMA) versus the Competitive Market Area (CMA) identifies market demand and supply for proposed projects within the greatest concentration areas of support. Learn More >

Community Insight

Understanding the inner workings of the city through the eyes of local and external businesses was an important factor in evaluating the economic conditions and opportunities in Gahanna. The knowledge and expertise of a project steering committee, as well as the local and external stakeholders helped develop a local and regional perspective regarding the economic potential in Gahanna.  Learn More >


Economic Development aims to achieve desired outcomes through many disciplines often emphasized by a specific community’s standard of living, its quality of life goals and a culmination of needs represented by the area's residents, government and business community.  It was important in determining tactics specific to Gahanna, that this report made informed recommendations driven by the market, incentive opportunities, stakeholder input and data.  Learn More >

Development Opportunities

In order to enhance Gahanna’s future growth, a closer look was taken at potential sites for new development. This examination of Gahanna’s existing land area, informed by projected population and economic growth, has led to the identification of several Priority Development Areas (PDA's) as well as Target Sites primed for new development opportunities.  Learn More >

Development Opportunities

- PDA's

Within each Priority Development Area (PDA), a number of sites were identified as ideal for redevelopment. These target sites are unique and present an opportunity to accommodate growth and development in Gahanna. For each target site, a vision development concept and economic incentive strategy was developed to serve as a tool to attract and guide development to these areas.

Click on the images below to learn about each PDA and selected target site capacities and their development potential.


One of the more overlooked but most important elements of any strategy and plan is implementation.  A matrix of implementation has been created to provide a clear road map for achieving the desired outcomes of the Strategy. This includes a detailed menu for how to implement the strategies within this document and measure economic success moving forward. Learn More >